GC Pensfordhill Margarita of Sybarit

Photo: Marina Zheltovskaya (LisaLight Persians)

ESH Black female

Sir: GC Scrimshaw Spirit

Dam: CH Calivan's Camille of Pensfordhill, DM

PKD DNA Negative


Best kitten at CFA show in Moscow at October 8 of 2005

Thank you very much Jim Fleeker from Pensfordhill cattery for our lovely Buster and Margarita!


CH Sybarit Pocahontas

16-th Best kitten allbreed  in the CFA International Division-Europe in 2008-2009 show season!

2,5 months age at the picture

4 months at the pictures

ESH Brown patched tabby female

Sir: GC Pensfordhill Busta Move of Sybarit

Dam: GC Latin Lover BB Girl of Sybarit, NCW

PKD DNA Negative

Sybarit Pocahontas made all 8 finals and became Best of the bests kitten #2 in CFA (after her littermate brother Sybarit Pasha) & WCA parts of huge multi system Anniversary 10-th Years International Cat Festival - Cat show Expocat-2008 (CFA, FIFE, WCF and WCA) in Moscow

At the CFA show in Kiev at 15-16 November 2008 Sybarit Pocahontas made 7 finals from 8: 2 times Best kitten (including in the ring of CFA President Pam Delabar), 2 times Second Best kitten, 2 times 3-rd Best kitten and one time 4-th Best kitten, and in scoring became Best Exotic and Second Best kitten allbreed in show!

Best kitten in the ring of CFA President Pam Delabar

Second Best kitten in the ring of Nancy Dodds

 GRC  Latin Lover BB Girl of Sybarit, NCW

 (2 shows + 1 ring Grand)

CFA National Color Winner in 2004-2005 show season

At her very first CFA show in adult class in Moscow, Russia at 06 November 2004 in the age 8 months+1 day "BB"  was the youngest adult cat in show and has got her first CFA title Champion, she has become 2-nd Best Exotic in scoring among 21 beautiful adult Exotics and 5-th Best Cat allbreed in scoring. In finals "BB" was 2-nd Best Cat allbreed (guest judge O.Rakitnih, Ukraina) and 3-rd Best Cat allbreed (CFA judge B.Orlando, USA).

Below are her pictures were made at the show:

At the CFA show in Kiev at 5 of December BB was twice 5-th Best cat among more than 90 adult cats allbreed, including 26 exotics: in the ring of CFA judge Joan Miller and in the ring of CFA guest judge Galina Dubrovskaya!

BB has become a Grand Champion at the age 12 months old. 

PKD DNA Negative



CH Sybarit Whoopy

ESH Brown Tabby female

Sir: GC DW Profecii's French Descent in Russia

Dam: GC Sybarit Black Rose

PKD DNA Negative

GC Athelstones Cupcake of Sybarit

(Nick name Vespan)

ESH Tortie female

Sir: Ormeryd Austin

Dam: S*Athelstones Gossip Girl

PKD DNA Negative

Vespan became CFA Grand Champion during 3 shows in line, she has won her title in the age 11 months at the CFA show in Moscow at 30.10.2011, where she made 2 finals.

GC Athelstones Cupcake of Sybarit (aka "Vespan") became Best tortie Exotic in CFA International Division - Europe 2011-2012 show season!

Thank you Anna-Lena for this beautiful girl and for my unforgettable days in Stockholm!

GC PL*Bagira Butterfly of Sybarit


ESH Dilute Calico Van female

Sir: CH Parti Wai EX Butterscotch of Bagira

Dam:  Zenithi China Doll of Bagira

PKD DNA Negative

Best in color class 2015 Region 9 Europe

Thank you Iwona for this beautiful girl!

RETIRED, available for showing in Premiership.


CH Sybarit Charlene

Brown tabby Exotic female

Sir: GC Pensfordhill Busta Move of Sybarit

Dam: CH Sybarit Pocahontas

PKD DNA Negative

At the CFA show in Stockholm, Sweden at 14-15 of January Sybarit Charlene made one final in a kitten class

CH Sybarit Roksolana


Brown tabby Exotic female

Sir: GC DW Sybarit Yeti

Dam: CH Sybarit Whoopy

PKD DNA Negative

At the CFA show in Moscow on Sep 25th CH Sybarit Roksolana did a finals in all 6 rings, has become a CFA Champion, and got approximately half quantity of Grandpoints toward he Grand Champion title. Thanks all the judges and Edelweiss Cat Club for the wonderful show! Below some pictures after finals: CH Sybarit Roksolana with her owner Irina and a judges Pam DelaBar and Irina Tokmakova.



Thank you Tatyana for entrusting us this adorable girl with a great pedigree and amazing playful and cheerful personality!

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