GIC Sybarit Agat

ELH Brown tabby neuter male

Sir: GC DW Profecii's French Descent in Russia

Dam: CH MT-Hood Tiffany of Sybarit

Agat was "Best cat in show" many times, he is the owner of the title "Super Cat" at one of the largest show in Russia "The Cup of Hill's", and Agat also has 2 "CACE" certificates for getting the title "EC".

Was born in October 2001

CH GP Sybarit Impression

3-rd Best Exotic Premier in the CFA International Division-Europe in 2009-2010 show season!

4 months at the picture

ESH Black female

Sir: GC DW Profecii's French Descent in Russia

Dam: GC Latin Lover Lady Liberty of Sybarit, NCW


At the huge show in Moscow "Grand Prize Royal Canine-2005" (more than 1000 cats!) Sybarit Impression was Best in Show kitten in all 3 presented associations (CFF,  IFA & WCF (at Saturday)), and also has become Best of the Best kitten #2 in CFF and Best of the Best kitten #3 in IFA !

CH Sybarit Impression made 1 CFA final and 2 WCA finals (both Best Cat ) and became Best  of the bests adult #2 in WCA part of huge multi system Anniversary 10-th Years International Cat Festival - Cat show Expocat-2008 (CFA, FIFE, WCF and WCA) in Moscow

We are very proud to announce that at 5-6 December in Moscow at the hugest multi-system (CFA, FIFE, WCF, ICU, IFA) cat show in Russia "Gran Pri Royal Canin" our black exotic spay CH Sybarit Impression became our very first CFA Grand Premior (and most probably very first CFA Grand Premior in Russia). She made all 8 finals: 5 times Best Premior, 2 times 2-nd Best Premior and one time 3-rd Best Premior and also in scoring became Best Premior in Show.

CH Latin Lover 24 Karats

Black Exotic female


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