Pedigree  of CH MT-Hood Tiffany of Sybarit

Parents Grand-parents Grand-grand-parents G-Grand-grand-parents G-G-G-grand-parents
GRC MT Hood Etch-A-Sketch MT Hood I'll be Back Airlia Genisis of MT Hood CH Prideomine Perelli of Airlia GRC Kitty Charm Sorcerer of Prideomine
Marhei's Nickies of Prideomine
Airlia Sheena CH Prideomine Cleansweep 
Airlia Abigall  
Jada's Tinker of MT Hood CH Belafalas Silver Bullet of MT Hood CH Silvering Hts Checkmate  
Belafalas Quick Silver Sophie
Jada's Crystal Gale  Jada's Just In Case  
Purview Verjillia
MT Hood Katie CH Belafalas Silver Bullet of MT Hood CH Silvering Hts Checkmate Sundowner Everlovin Eveready
Wicklow Carousel
Belafalas Quick Silver Sophie  CH Silvering Hts Checkmate  
Cleopatra's Silver Princess Rhianna
Prideomine Tootsie of MT Hood RW GRC Prideomine The Sting, DM CH Fontaine Firestarter of Prideomine
CH Kitclass Little Femme of Prideomine
CH Prideomine Razzleberri GRC Kitty Charm Sorcerer of Prideomine
Prideomine Matie Christmas
Larpa Katie RW GRC Del Adene J'Bustopher Brown, DM   Tulgey Charlie Brown   Three Gemini's Kato CH.EUR. Phalaenopsis Emile Victor
NW GRC Capodicapi Fruit Loops of Gemini
NW GRC Jovan Cheers of Kuorii  NW GRC Jovan Buster Brown 
Jenita Fudge Ripple of Jovan
Flanelle Del Adene Senmartel's Blue Wizard  El Lute
Gwendero's Miss Kizzy
Mitsou of Del Adene CH Mary Lou Biceps
 Cerissa Alible
Larpa Indecent Proposal   


GRC Hankypanky's Gadget of Larpa

0108-584508 V0591

 GRC Marhei Express of Hankypankys 

0108-504795  V0190

RW GRC  Katrina Special Delivery

0108-333392 V0188

Marhei Dark Side O'The Moon

0109-411593  V1188

CH Hankypanky's Tinker Toy


GRC Hankypankys Spittin Image of Nornicj

0108-341976 V1087

CH Hankypankys Cherish

0147-278974 V0287

GRC Becton Society Page of Larpa


RW GRC  Prideomine Summer Joey of Becton, DM

0140-551765 V0191

RW GRC Prideomine The Sting, DM

0108-340375 V0587

Kitty Charm's Tango of Prediomine, DM

0147-398465 V0888

 CH Shimea High Society of Larpa Marhei Genesis of Shimea
0108-452638 V0788
RW GRC Marcus a Little High of Shimea